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Keep moving and boost productivity

Nobody likes a standstill. When your connected smart trucks are running, so is your business. By keeping track of your fleet’s performance, you can minimise idle time and maximise the overall productivity in your warehouse and across multiple sites.

Connectivity improves smart truck utilisation

Gaining insight into every truck's operation and every stage of your logistics operations can be a difficult task. But given the fact that the average utilisation level of a forklift fleet is only around 35 percent, it is essential to pinpoint areas of improvement.

By making the best use of the I_Site data from your Toyota connected smart truck, you can accurately track and optimise utilisation while eliminating substantial waste of time, money, and resources. The level of productivity is closely linked to financial savings, and you might even realise that the truck fleet you have at your disposal does not need to be larger, only used more efficiently.

Assure license validity

Once you know that your connected smart trucks are in mint condition, you should make sure that your drivers are too. Presenting a clear and detailed overview, the I_Site application helps you make sure that your drivers are correctly and regularly trained, and that their licences are updated and valid.

Measure and compare for smart benchmarking

When you use the I_Site application in a business with multiple sites, you can benefit from smart benchmarking. By comparing and measuring your truck fleet across different sites to identify performance gaps, you will know where and how to take action.

Extend the lifespan of your connected smart forklift trucks

Again, availability is the key to productivity – and in turn, to profitability. Your trucks must be up and running when needed. Use the I_Site application to analyse performance data, optimise service and maintenance, and improve operational efficiency. Then you can relax knowing you have made a smart investment that allows you to prolong the lifetime of your machines and optimise your total cost of ownership.


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